Chris Anthony began his mentoring program by means of visiting schools eighteen years ago.  Anthony’s classroom presentations are filled with entertaining and inspiring information intertwined with material that provides a teachable platform.

As a professional athlete, filmmaker and journalist Chris has the ability to pull material from numerous resources and share a message from a perspective of mentor with real life experiences.   The format of the presentations engages the students through interaction and use of visual props.  Anthony utilizes material he has collected from his travels around the world with the Warren Miller Film Team for over 27 years Chris calls upon moments capture both in front of the camera and behind the scenes to create teachable moments.

Currently Chris has three presentations that can be chosen from.

  • A Geographical, Cultural and Scientific journey around the planet with Chris Anthony and the Warren Miller Film Team.  This talk provides material that will transport the students from their desk to a variety of geographical regions of our planet to visit other cultures and environments. While there numerous topics come alive.   During 50-minute presentation Chris is usually able to visit three locations teacher’s can select from a list of fifteen.


  • CLIMB TO GLORY” A historical documentary Anthony appears in as well as helped to develop as a producer with Warren Miller Entertainment and the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum.  The story of the Army’s WWII 10th Mountain Division (1941-45) covers their impact on World, American and Colorado History.   The story spans from 1939 to current day and really touches on how the group of men and women overcame obstacles as part of the Greatest Generation to survived and build dreams.   This award winning film has been seen by over 15,000 students as of this date.


  • Dealing with Peer Pressure, and Group Think Dynamics:A very popular new talk that schools have been incredibly excited about.   The topic hit close to home with both children and adults alike.  Considering all the overwhelming pressure to participate in certain experiences these days, students need to learn to have the ability to use common sense and make the right decision with out their egos or peer pressure playing a role in.  Chris utilizes a moment during a film shoot where he let his ego and the pressure of the moment cloud his judgment.   He looks to the students to help make him break it down so next time he makes the right decision.



By Dr. Witold Kosmala,

Chris Anthony called upon Professor of Mathematics Professor Witold Kosmala to design and STEM lesson plan with the ultimate goal of sending the students on a trip to learn to or go skiing. Thus applying the application of what they have learned in the classroom to a real life experience. The activation of this program comes in two parts.

  1. The teachers receive the package and utilize all or portions material from the packages in the classroom through a lesson.  Chapter 1 focuses on “Center of Mass”
  2. Upon completion of the classroom material to the level the teacher deems appropriate, students will be bridge to either an indoor or outdoor skiing experience by which they get to apply what they learned in the classroom through play.

Here are the links. One is to the actual project and the other to a folder containing photos used in the presentation, including the front cover.

STEM focusing on skiing (new)

Photos used in STEM project focusing on skiing (new)



chris_anthony_blogChris Anthony will begin his 18th year of informative school visits this fall.  The classroom presentations are filled with entertaining and inspiring material from the perspective of a professional athlete with numerous cultural and geographical experiences.

 Utilizing visual props to aid his presentation, Chris calls upon segments from the “Warren Miller” films he has appeared in over the last 27 years to take kids on a global journey with a simple message.  If you can dream it, then set a goal for yourself and reach for it.  Hundreds of educational establishments have taken advantage of these very popular appearances and his talks have impacted thousands of youth for over a decade. 

The classroom presentations are one class period in length, and go far beyond the message of pursuit.  They expose the audience to different cultures in a variety of geographical locations, and explore both science and history of the destinations.  The information and delivery promotes an interactive question and answer period.  Educators who are familiar with the program have worked the talks into their teaching curriculum.



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