Chris Anthony

Bridging Students to Experiential Opportunities


Through this component of the CYIP programming, financially challenged schools or youth programs can experience a field trip that complements an in-classroom lesson, or provides access to the Colorado outdoors.

  • Bringing students to the mountains for ski trips

  • Bringing students to the Snobahn indoor ski facility to learn to ski

  • Scholarship funds for students to participate in class trips or education programs outside the classroom such as science fairs, spelling bees, and music programs

In 2014 the Governor of the State of Colorado endorsed the Project with this statement:  

Colorado has always led the way in quality of life, fitness, adventure and outdoors. The Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project has taken the unique outdoor assets we have across the state and created a program that will further enhance youth education.
— John Hickenlooper Governor of the State of Colorado
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