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Free Classroom Presentations

Chris Anthony is the Founder and Executive Director of CYIP.  His presentations set the foundation of CYIP roots.  They stem from his background as a professional skier and years of working with the sports action documentary film company Warren Miller Entertainment. His experiences traveling the world filming and competing fuel the material for his inspirational and educational presentations. The free classroom programs are filled with entertaining and inspiring information intertwined with material that provides teachable moments.

The format of the presentations engages the students through interaction and the use of visual props. 




This has become one of the most popular presentations selected by educators and corporate groups.  A sensitive topic that plagues youth and adults alike, Chris discusses maintaining individuality and while using common sense in a group, team or community setting. 

A multi-media presentation with a wonderful lesson entangled in the story.  The topic hits close to home for both children and adults alike. Both populations deal with an overwhelming amount of peer pressure.  The balance between conformity and individuality is a fine line to walk while maintaining group function or maintaining friends among your peers.   From the playground to the office, who we are as a personality can sometimes be surrendered.  It is hard to hold onto our own values and maintain discipline, common sense and integrity among a group made up of various personality types while undertaking a task as a group.  

Chris utilizes a moment during a film shoot in which the team was working in avalanche terrain. He looks to the audience to help him break down this case study so next time he makes the right decision. 

Story of America’s first Military Ski Troop

The story of the legendary Army’s 10thMountain Division provides a subject matter that provides the opportunity to take a look World, American and Colorado History dating back to 1939. The story of the Army’s first specialized mountain unit (1941-45) covers their impact on the world past and present.   The story spans from 1939 to current day and demonstrates how this amazing generation of men and women left home as young adults and teenagers and overcame incredible obstacles to help bring down tyranny and build a better world.  

Chris Anthony co-produced and appears in this wonderful award-winning documentary in partnership with the Colorado Snow Sports Museum and Warren Miller Entertainment.  To date it has been screened in front of more than 30,000 students in classroom settings.



Chris takes the audience around the planet utilizing material from 28 years of traveling with the Warren Miller Film Team as well as a few of his own projects.  This talk provides material that will transport the students from their desk to a variety of geographical regions on our planet.  This provides the opportunity to visit different cultures and environments.  During the 50-minute presentation Chris is usually able to visit three locations.  (Teachers can inquire about the locations so as to prepare their students for the visit)

  • ECUADOR - Climbed and skied 19,300 foot on the Cotopaxi Volcano.
  • IRAN - Traveled into the Middle East with a team of skiers and cameramen to climb, ski and experience the Islamic culture of Iran.
  • KAZAKHSTAN - Traveled into the former Soviet Union to ski, climb and experience the culture in both 1996 and 2014.
  • NORWAY - Skied above the Arctic Circle in the middle of night amongst golden lite fjords.
  • BRIDGEPORT NEVADA U.S. MARINE CORP - Chris and a group of four other Freeskiers were inserted into active winter training with the US Marine Corps winter training.
  • THE USS NIMITZ, AIRCRAFT CARRIER (location unknown) - An amazing opportunity evolved from Chris speaking on the aircraft carrier to be brought back at a later date and live amongst the men and women while shooting a comical segment for the Warren Miller Film segment. Chris eventually ended up in Alaska for the famed “Arctic Man Race”.
  • ALASKA - Points North in Cordova Alaska where Chris has guided for 17 years. This time around he travels to the Chugach with three amazing women to film a Warren Miller Segment.  This story is used in his Peer Pressure and Group Think talk.
  • North Eastern Italy - Chris has been bringing people to the part of the world for years.   One of his early visits was to shoot a Warren Miller Segment. Chris is Currently working on a new film about the region.
  • CHINA / ALTAY - “The Long Cold Walk” - The crew went on one of the most epic journeys a Warren Miller crew has ever taken into northwestern China in search of an ancient tribe of skiers.
  • COLORADO / 10THMOUNTAIN DIVISION - This is a look back at the winter division of the Army’s Greatest Generation and their impact on the current day.


Youth Project Ski Day

This is what it's all about! Sharing the sport of skiing. Bridging youth to the outdoors and changing lives. I have been able to do this through my youth Project.

That was one of the best assemblies I have had in almost 20 years of teaching. Thank you so much for bringing Chris in and telling us about the 10th Mountain Division. I’ve looked for information about it before but have never been able to find much. That was awesome. Please pass that on to him.
— Michael Duarte, Cherry Creek Schools Colorado
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