Chris Anthony

Professional Skier, Entrepreneur and Executive Director/Founder of The Youth Project

Chris Anthony is a Colorado native, University of Colorado graduate and longtime Vail resident.  For a good portion of his life Chris has competed at an international level in both cycling and skiing.  For more than 27 years, Chris has traveled as a member of the Warren Miller film team as both an athlete and host of the nationally acclaimed film tour.  During his career Chris has free-lanced for several publications, co-authored a guidebook, commissioned and wrote a screenplay, and hosted and produced several television and film projects.  Chris has been booked for hundreds of speaking engagements and started a consulting and guide business. He has also volunteered thousands of hours for a number of charitable organizations and along the way, raised over a million dollars on their behalf prior to building his own youth outreach project that has impacted over 70,000 students to date.

Chris has received a number of accolades, some of which include being named Youth Ambassador for the State of Colorado in 1991 by the sitting Governor, which sent Chris on a cultural exchange to the prefecture of Yamagata, Japan, and in 1997 Chris was appointed to the Colorado Speakers Bureau.  One of his prouder moments was receiving the 2014 St. Jude Children’s Hospital Sarah Burke Spirit Award for his work with youth. In 1998 Colorado Ski Country named Chris the spokesperson for their 5th & 6th Grade Passport Program. The Passport Program served as a platform for him to design his own school-mentoring curriculum now operating under the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project.  

In 2013 Chris was inspired by a mentor to create a 501c foundation to honor his desire to impact youth. His most powerful resource came from his position as a professional skier. Chris has engaged more than 70,000 students over 19 years through school programs. Since the creation of his 501c status in 2013 Chris has been able to take this to a next level by actually introducing youth to the sport. The collateral benefit of his mission is that not only is he introducing the next generation to the sport but getting them out of the city and outdoors. Further more by working close with the teachers they are now tying the sport to science and mathematics. More recently Chris expanded his Youth Project back into the mountain communities by underwriting a Snow Science education curriculum for youth. A much-needed program in areas where kids are playing in the winter environment that is right in their backyard.  By 2014 the Governor of the State of Colorado endorsed the project with this statement: 

“Colorado has always led the way in quality of life, fitness, adventure and outdoors.  The Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project has taken the unique outdoor assets we have across the state and created a program that will further enhance youth education.”
  – John Hickenlooper Governor of the State of Colorado


“The Mission of the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project is to improve quality of life through introducing all youth to educational enrichment opportunities in Arts, Athletics and Academics, as well as providing financial support to youth that need help to explore such opportunities."

For 27 years Chris Anthony traveled all over the world as an athlete and on-screen personality with the sports action film company Warren Miller Film Entertainment. His feats have been part of the annual Warren Miller feature for longer than any other professional skier to date.  He has also been utilized for numerous advertisements, television programs and a number of documentaries.
Between film shoots, speaking engagements and working with his foundation Chris hosts a number of active skiing and biking escapes.   The programs take place in Alaska, Chile, Iceland, Italy and his native state of Colorado. 

In 2014 Chris co-released an award winning documentary project he co-produced as well as acted in entitled “CLIMB TO GLORY”.  His partners in the production of this project were the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum, Max Bervy and Warren Miller Entertainment.   Together they did a limited release of the film to charitable organizations and raised more than a half million dollars on behalf of those organizations.   Through his Youth Project Chris has introduced more than 17,000 students to the history of the 10th Mountain Division by touring the film “CLIMB TO GLORY” into schools.

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On snow since the age of one, Chris broke away from skiing long enough to reach the national ranks of the cycling world, receive a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado, study for a period of time at USC film school as well as write two screenplays, one of which was covered by Warner Bros.   In the ski world Chris, who started as a Freestyle skier in the 70’s under the coaching of legends like Ed Lincoln, switched to alpine racing.   As a traditional alpine ski racer (his number one love to this day), he obtained top three ranking internationally in his age group as a junior in the discipline of Downhill.  He reluctantly left the sport in college to concentrate on his studies.   However, his love for skiing would not let him go and he returned to competition in a different discipline of the sport. This opened the doors that have defined her career today.

Warren Miller Entertainment picked up Chris as an unpaid athlete in 1989 and sent him on a trip that changed his life.  As a Warren Miller athlete, Chris has traveled with the film company for 27 years, giving him the title of being the longest running featured professional skier in the annual Warren Miller Film.   During those years Chris traveled with the film to hundreds of national stops and brought back the tradition of hosting the film tour with the same energy as Mr. Miller himself did for over 40 years.   This was a dream come true for the former aspiring alpine ski racing kid who watched the Warren Miller films every fall with his parents dreaming about one day getting to ski on mountains in far off lands. 

Being part of the Warren Miller film resurrected Chris’s ski career.  The new arena allowed him to establish himself as a pro in the world of freeskiing by competing in, and winning, a number of high profile events during the 90’s.   1996 marked his most successful year winning and finding the podium in more than 10 events as well as leading the World Extreme’s going into the final day of competition in both 1996 and 2000 when falls destroyed his run.   2000 was his final Worlds.

Being part of the Warren Miller tradition as an unpaid athlete has forced Chris to be very creative with the design of his life.  The film company has allowed him to travel to some of the planet’s most unique locations to ski, meet people of different cultures and learn their history. An opportunity he never would have otherwise never have had.  From places such as Iran, Kazakhstan, Ecuador to China, the experiences have been amazing and sometimes borderline insane.  During his travels, Chris spent time training with the U.S. Marine Corps at their training facility in Bridgeport, Nevada.  He has also spent time with the U.S. Navy, filming on the USS Nimitz as it was being deployed to the Persian Gulf for the film “Off the Grid”. For the 2012 Warren Miller film Chris tied his adventures to the legacy of the legendary 10th Mountain Ski Troops of 1942 – 1946. He has been referred to by WME Producer Josh Haskins as the “Triple Threat”, for his skills as and athlete, spokesperson and workhorse.

Chris has freelanced for several publications, co-authored a guide-book, hosted and produced television shows, started a consulting and guide business, and given substantial time to a variety of charities by raising over a million dollars on his own.  In 1991 Chris was named a youth Ambassador for the State of Colorado.  As a youth Ambassador Chris was sent on a cultural exchange to the Prefecture of Yamagata, Japan where he spent time in local communities sharing Colorado traditions while learning theirs. 

What happened on snow inspired numerous relationships off snow.  In 1994 Chris found himself working with three-time Tour De France Champion Greg LeMond during his last three years of competition.  Greg reappeared in Chris’ life in 2016 to help raise money for the Chris Anthony Youth Project. 

Chris also had the opportunity to work with producer/director and actor Michael Douglas.  Chris interned with Mr. Douglas and his partner Steven Reuther as they laid the groundwork for Douglas/Reuther Productions, a major film production company at Paramount Studios.   He would balance this schedule for several summers in Los Angles with his winter schedule back in Colorado where he was working with Vail Resorts.  2017-18 will mark 32 years Chris has been employed by the ski company.  During those early years Chris was also put in a unique position to break the mold of the Professional Ski Instructors of America Association by becoming the first person ever to reach full certification in less than a year.  Chris tried to use this momentum to bring a new angle into teaching and sharing the sport with the consumer. Chris has been an Alaskan Helicopter Skiing Guide for 26 years, placing in near the launch of skiing in this new frontier. In the early years of Alaska Helicopter Skiing Chris’s experience in Alaska inspired him to contact SPYDER Ski Wear owner David Jacobs with his idea of designing a new line of clothing with big mountain/adventure skiing in mind.  Dave Jacobs gave Chris a retainer to recruit the first professional freeride team.  With this meager budget the SPYDER OFF PISTE TEAM was created in the early 90’s.

In 1997 Chris was appointed to the Colorado Speakers Bureau.  This experience opened doors and built his confidence as a public speaker. He now speaks in front of thousands of people, doing a variety of engagements from charity to corporate events.   
In October of 1998 Chris was hired to design, direct and select athletes for the first nationally syndicated speed cross race aired on CBS.  The inaugural event took place successfully in Mammoth, California on January 9th, 1999.  
In 2014 St. Jude Children’s Hospital honored Chris with the Sarah Burke Spirit Award and Governor Hickenlooper gave Chris Anthony’s Youth Project an endorsement: 
“Colorado has always led the way in quality of life, fitness, adventure and outdoors.  The Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project has taken the unique outdoor assets we have across the state and created a program that will further enhance youth education.” 
– John Hickenlooper Governor of the State of Colorado 

Chris Anthony has raised millions of dollars for a number of non-profits. (listed below).  In 2013 he founded the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project which allowed him to use his vision to create an even greater impact on youth development.

Chris has personally visited hundreds of schools and continues to do so and talks with students about chasing their dreams, setting goals, working hard to achieve them and ultimately becoming a productive citizen.  His multi-media presentations take the audience on a cultural journey around the planet utilizing his exploits with the Warren Miller Film Team.  More recently he has introduced programs that deal with peer pressure and bullying.  He has also used his 10th Mountain Division Documentary to connect students with history.  More impactful is that he can now underwrite educational experiential opportunities for students to travel beyond the classroom into the real world.   In mountain towns Chris has assembled and is underwriting a snow education program that will give youth avalanche certification when they complete the course. This is a much needed program in an environment where schools do not offer it.

Chris has worked with the following organizations to build up his experience to create the foundation he has today:   “SOS Outreach”, “Boys and Girls Clubs of Denver”, “First Descents”, “Vail Valley Foundation”, “The School of Shred”, “Lake Eldora Ski and Snowboard Club”, “Montessori school of Denver”, “Vail Valley Charitable Fund”, “Heuga Center”, “E.P.I.C Foundation”, “Jeremy Blooms Wish of a Lifetime”, “Colorado Ski Museum”, “Ski & Snowboard Club Vail”, “Children’s Hospital of Denver” and “The Colorado Non-Profit Development Center”.

Presently, Chris continues to conquer new mountainous terrain while evolving his commitment to his Youth Initiative Project.  Additionally, Chris is active in writing and participating in film projects and managing his adventure camps. Chris shares his adventurous and outdoor lifestyle with the world by passing on innovative ideas as a helicopter ski guide, journalist and motivational speaker.

Chris is currently building his ski- industry consulting business.  In its first year Chris spent time in Beijing, China helping to design a teaching model and resort layout for a small ski hill just on the outskirts of the city.

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