The Mission of the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project is to improve quality of life through introducing youth to educational enrichment opportunities in Arts, Athletics and Academics as well as provide financial support where needed.



1.  The Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project underwrites Classroom Presenters from experts in their fields upon request from teachers, coaches and educators. An example of popular topics:

• Peer Pressure and Group Think

• Documentary film, Climb to Glory – the story behind the WWII 10th Mountain Division.

• A Geographical journey around the planet through a multi-media presentation with Chris Anthony’s Warren Miller segments.

• The Glide Project offers age-appropriate avalanche education and snow science curriculum for youth who wish to learn more about our natural winter environment.


2. Bridging students to educational and experiential enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom as well as providing the financial aid necessary for every student to attend.

3.  Underwriting and building educational tools to enhance the classroom LEARNING experience.


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• Provide Mentors & Guest Speakers at no-cost to schools for classroom presentations

• Expose students to a world beyond the classroom and provide teachers a cultural platform from which to expand upon

• Underwrite field trips that extend the purpose of the school visit and provide further educational experiences.

• Build innovative educational tools

• Provide individual scholarships



Chris Anthony grew up with a learning disability. Surrounded with the discipline of sport and wonderful mentors, he found the perseverance to develop a skill-set that gave him the confidence and foundation to excel.

In retrospect, he realized that the greatest impact on his childhood development came from experts in their field who guided him through learning experiences. It is this awareness that inspired the mission of the CAYIP.

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Since becoming a Project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center in 2013 the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project has reached over 30,000 students since 1998 Chris Anthony has reached well over 70,000 students through various out reach programs leading up to the creation of the Youth Project.