The “Youth Initiative Project” is a product of the Colorado Non-Profit Development Center and has tax-exempt status. 

Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project
1650 Fillmore Street #1605
Denver, Colorado 80206


 The Mission of the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project is to improve quality of life through introducing youth to educational enrichment opportunities.

 “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
Frederick Douglass 


  • The foundation of “YIP” started in the classroom through school visits Chris Anthony has perfected over the last 16 years.  As a professional athlete, Chris mentors students through a classroom multi-media program that provides an experiential learning product.
  • 2014, the goal of “YIP” is to reach 10,000 students with the classroom program. 
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  • Chris’s goal for the students is to be “INSPIRED” to reach for their individual dreams and have a connection to the products to do so.  For those that are financially challenged a scholarship can be applied for and offered under the “OK” of the “YIP” Advisory Board.  The amount of scholarships is dependent on Financial well being of “YIP”
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  •  “YIP” would like to build the tools needed to continue to build and evolve the classroom experience.    The tools would be inspired by teachers, professors, professionals athletes and mentors.  They will be and be free for any educational establishment.
  • An example of this would be the documentary “CLIMB TO GLORY”


Chris Anthony’s classroom presentations are filled with entertaining and inspiring material from the perspective of an athlete with numerous cultural experiences.

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Utilizing visual props to aid his presentation, Chris calls upon segments from “Warren Miller” films he has appeared in over the last 25 years to take kids on a global journey with a simple message.  If you can Dream it, then set a goal for yourself and reach for it.

Chris Anthony will begin his 15th year of informative school visits this fall.  The classroom presentations are filled with entertaining and inspiring material from the perspective of a professional athlete with numerous cultural and geographical experiences.

 Utilizing visual props to aid his presentation, Chris calls upon segments from the “Warren Miller” films he has appeared in over the last 25 years to take kids on a global journey with a simple message.  If you can dream it, then set a goal for yourself and reach for it.  Hundreds of educational establishments have taken advantage of these very popular appearances and his talks have impacted thousands of youth for over a decade. 

The classroom presentations are one class period in length, and go far beyond the message of pursuit.  They expose the audience to different cultures in a variety of geographical locations, and explore both science and history of the destinations.  The information and delivery promotes an interactive question and answer period.  Educators who are familiar with the program have worked the talks into their teaching curriculum.

Booking Contact for School Visit:  Kelly –

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Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project  would like to provide scholarship opportunities to students whom have either participated in a school visit or apply through accredited educational outlets.  The scholarships will participate in financial support to aid extended educational opportunities in the field of Athletics, Academics, and Arts.

The goal of the scholarships is to bridge kids from the classroom to real world experience. Scholarships will range in the amount of $500.00 to $3,000.00.

Applicants must provide the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project with a one page letter of request formalizing what they are applying for and why they deserve financial aid.

The letter must be accompanied by 3 letters of recommendation from either educators, coaches or civil servants.

The letter is to be stamped and mailed to:

Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project Advisory Board
1650 Fillmore Street  #1605
Denver, Colorado 80206

The applicants must be applying for acceptance to participate in, have been accepted to participate in, or are currently enrolled in, an education course or program of study at a qualified educational institution.  Once a scholarship is awarded, the Youth Initiative Project will require the recipient a written statement at the end of the course or program explaining the educational value of the course or program to the recipient and the recipient’s plans for continued education.  In addition, the Youth Initiative will require the educational institution in which the recipient is enrolled to provide a report of the recipient’s successful completion of the course or program.  Payment of scholarship awards will be made directly to the educational institution for the benefit of the scholarship recipient on the condition that if the scholarship recipient withdraws from the course or program prior to completion, any unapplied or unused funds shall be returned to the Youth Initiative Project.

Creatively broadening the bandwidth of the developing mind. 

Based off the success of the documentary of  “CLIMB TO GLORY”.   A film produced through a partnership between Chris Anthony, the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum and Warren Miller Entertainment.  The Youth Initiative Project is ready for its next project.

Building sport related video shorts with an educational component goaled to inspire and intrigue students in the fields of Physics, Geometry, Physiology, Math, Ecology, History, and Geography…
Using these visual resources and the art of professional athletes accomplishments to inspire academics.

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We invite you to take advantage of this program.

Would you like to support this opportunity?
Be part of the Project’s Scholarship Fund
Make a tax-deductible donation here:

Dear… ,

I am writing on behalf of Chris Anthony and his inspiring and entertaining Youth Initiative presentations.

Chris is highly dedicated to his mission of motivating students to set goals so they can be both successful and happy in their lives.  Chris’ Youth Initiative presentations are inspiring, entertaining, and they create a needed awareness of citizen scholarship within our communities.

Chris Anthony’s school visits are engaging for students of all ages, but make a huge impact on upper elementary and middle school kids.  Chris understands differences and he teaches kids how to use their unique qualities as a way to rise above the crowd to stand out.

Chris delivers many messages when he visits a school.  He teaches geography, ecology, and culture through his work with “Warren Miller” films, video production and travel.   As a teacher, I am impressed with the way Chris customizes his presentations to incorporate our curriculum into his content.

Chris also donates his time to taking a group of students skiing every year at Vail.  Many of these kids have never skied before.  He gets out on the mountain with them and sticks with them all day. While teaching in the Denver area, my class was the recipient of this huge award.  Those kids are still talking about their experience today.  They could not believe that Chris Anthony would ski with them all day, especially since they had never been on skis before.

Chris Antony’s mission follows school district’s character education curriculum.  He has worked hard to earn his success in life.  Through his achievements and failures, he teaches students that no matter who they are, by setting goals and working diligently, they can live their dreams.  In Chris Anthony’s words, “If you can dream it, then set a goal for yourself and reach for it.”

Chris is an amazing person with a beautiful gift for motivating students and I am excited to see the addition of a scholarship program to the Youth Initiative.

Tasha Queen
Sixth Grade Teacher

Hello Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for your presentation at Boulder Country Day yesterday. I am the parent of a 4th and 5th grader, and you were all they could talk about when they got home from school yesterday. My son has proudly displayed your autograph in his room.

Thanks for taking the time and speaking to our kids. You have really inspired them.


Rebecca Smith
Will and Maggie Smith