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Chris Anthony is available for public or private speaking engagements and appearances.

With over 27 years of traveling and filming with the WARREN MILLER FILM TEAM, Chris Anthony’s Library is filled with wonderful stories accompanied by film or video documentary. His presentations are filled with engaging and entertaining anecdotes, experiences and expertise.  Chris can speak on a variety of topics ranging from the ski industry, film – making, entrepreneurship, athletic training, group think, peer pressure and bullying, dealing with trauma and more.

Chris pulls material from various film resources and ties it to the theme of your program.



Examples Chris Anthony Talks:

  • “Climb To Glory” – During WWII a division of the Army was developed to increase the United States’ military strength in the mountainous regions of the world. They were called the 10th Mountain Division. They were also known as the first American Ski Troopers.   Chris Anthony was the inspiration, co-producer as well as stars in an award-winning documentary about this amazing group of men and women.   Post war the men of the 10th  Mountain Division came back to the United States and had a massive impact on the development of  the ski industry as well as portions of the outdoor industry.

Chris will present this film and tell the story of its creation. There will also be time for Q&A.

  • “Group Think & Team Dynamics, Individualism” – Over his career, Chris Anthony has been in a number of challenging situations where a poor decision, ego or simple break down of communication in a group could mean the difference between success or failure.  The topic of “Risk and Reward”  is an important one in so many aspects of life and business.  How do we cope, or should we cope.  The answers might be here or may not be in this presentation.  But guarantee it will make the audience think and perhaps sweat.Using material from filming with the action sports documentary film company Warren Miller Entertainment.  Chris has a action packed presentation for the audience.
  • “The Long Cold Walk” – A journey into North Western China to the boarder of Mongolia to track down an ancient civilization of skiers. Rock carvings found in this part of the world dating back 5,000 years show records of an ancient society that skis. What makes this unique is that a number of descendents are alive and living the same way as their ancestors. Chris and the Warren Miller crew trekked into the Altay Mountains to find this group and document it.
  • “A Journey through the Years” – Chris Anthony has been skiing for the cameras of Warren Miller Entertainment for 27 years. During that time he has worked with some of the best cinema photographers and athletes. He has also had the opportunity to visit a variety of places on the planet. The tell-all to this journey provides for a wonderful improv presentation accompanied by segments from the Warren Miller Film series.

Chris has presented to the following organizations:

DA Davidson Equity Capital Markets,  TED TALK, Rocky Mountain Trauma and Emergency Medicine Conference, AXS Group / Corporate Clients, Iowa Bankers Conference, American Dermatological Association, Broadwater, Colorado Association of Ski Towns, Y.P.O, Tyco, Chrysler, The Colorado Public School System, Colorado Ski Museum, Lake Eldora Sports Program, Colorado Ski Country, Hometown Connections Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, The US Navy (USS Nimitz), Denver Board of Commercial Realtors, The Vail Symposium, SOS Outreach, TOYOTA, HONDA, Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment Corp, University of Colorado’s Alumni Directors Club, University of Colorado Film School, Vail Resorts, Elevate Vail  SymposiumUniversity of Denver Alumni Program, Panorama Orthopedic and Spine Center, and over 400 public, private and charter schools. 

Lecturer: Chris Anthony  
Lecture Title: “Giving a Voice to Patient Experience”

American Medical Association

American Medical Association

This lecture granted 1.0 hour American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 Credit™ (AMA PRA Cat 1) on June 18, 2015 through the Continuing Medical Education office at University of Colorado for Denver Health Medical Center

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