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Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project  would like to provide scholarship opportunities to students whom have either participated in a school visit or apply through accredited educational outlets.  The scholarships will participate in financial support to aid extended educational opportunities in the field of Athletics, Academics, and Arts.

The goal of the scholarships is to bridge kids from the classroom to real world experience. Scholarships will range in the amount of $500.00 to $3,000.00.

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Applicants must provide the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project with a one page letter of request formalizing what they are applying for and why they deserve financial aid. Alternatively, fill out this form.

The letter must be accompanied by 3 letters of recommendation from either educators, coaches or civil servants.

The letter is to be stamped and mailed to:

Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project Advisory Board
1650 Fillmore Street  #1605
Denver, Colorado 80206


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The applicants must be applying for acceptance to participate in, have been accepted to participate in, or are currently enrolled in, an education course or program of study at a qualified educational institution.  Once a scholarship is awarded, the Youth Initiative Project will require the recipient a written statement at the end of the course or program explaining the educational value of the course or program to the recipient and the recipient’s plans for continued education.  In addition, the Youth Initiative will require the educational institution in which the recipient is enrolled to provide a report of the recipient’s successful completion of the course or program.  Payment of scholarship awards will be made directly to the educational institution for the benefit of the scholarship recipient on the condition that if the scholarship recipient withdraws from the course or program prior to completion, any unapplied or unused funds shall be returned to the Youth Initiative Project.

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